Winter Networking Event in the Detroit Metro Area with Special Guest Speaker on Innovation

December 14, 5:30pm, EST - 8:00pm, EST

Location:  The Westin Southfield Detroit


As 2017 comes to a close, the healthcare industry continues to make significant strides with new and emerging technologies to advance and improve patient care.  It is fitting to begin contemplating how much further technology and information can advance to reach both consumer and provider.  We are delighted to have as a speaker, one of the finalists of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition who received the Bold Epic Innovator Award.  What is that?  The Star Trek series introduced us to the Tricorder and its ability to diagnose medical conditions with a handheld device.  And so, a competition was established with a benchmark of diagnosing 13 disease states. Over 100 innovators applied to the competition and worked toward that benchmark.  This evening, Mr. Larry Steinberg of CloudDX, will provide a brief presentation about the direction of healthcare and how much more we can expect from on-going innovation.  

  • Presentation: “Healthcare 2018: Boldly Going!”
  • Featured Guest Speaker Prior to Networking Event: Mr. Larry Steinberg, MBA
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