Celebrate National HIT Week (October 2-6, 2017)

Virtual, across social media, at the national level and within the Michigan Chapter of HIMSS!


This year, HIMSS, alongside the industry, aims to highlight health IT value through the following Points of Engagement:

  • Supporting Healthcare Transformation:The many ways in which health IT is driving transformation in healthcare delivery including improvements in quality and safety, interoperability, advances in innovation, and patient and consumer activation and engagement.
  • Expanding Access to High Quality Healthcare:Use of innovative technologies including telehealth and remote patient monitoring to improve healthcare access, coordination and outcomes.
  • Increasing Economic Opportunity:Highlighting the importance of a robust, diverse health IT workforce and health IT’s role in supporting economic growth.
  • Making Communities Healthier:The fundamental role health IT plays in supporting population and public health.

With these Points of Engagement at the heart of the celebration, on Oct. 5 HIMSS will turn to health IT’s Twitter community to host a conversation about the present and future state of these tenets of value.

Hashtag: #HITworks
Date: Thursday, October 5
Time: 12 -1 p.m. CST
Host: @HIMSS
Guest SME: @RodP_HealthIT
Moderator: @MichaelGaspar
Other Expected Guests: HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors

Twitter Chat Topics:

  • T1: In your mind, where does the industry stand in the paradigm shift to a patient-centric healthcare system? #HITworks
  • T2: What technologies, processes, policies currently offer the most value in the transition to value-based care? #HITworks
  • T3: Interoperability yearly check-up: Where have we made progress? Where is there still work to be done? #HITworks
  • T4: What gaps in the health IT workforce should we close to enable/maintain progress toward better care outcomes? #HITworks
  • T5: #NHITweek fill in the blank: #IHeartHIT because… #HITworks

In the meantime, check out HIMSS’s Health IT Value Suite – the industry’s authoritative resource to help healthcare organizations embrace the change that technology enables in order to maximize clinical, operational and financial outcomes on their digital health journey.

For more information, visit HIMSS today.